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We will create a show program for any holiday
with the perfomance of songs, elements of professional choreography, tricks and interaction with the audience
Bright show for massive and private events. Russian songs with choreography, virtuoso instrumental numbers on the bayan and balalaika. Premium stage costumes (more than 10 sets).
Dynamic program, including spectacular flanking checkers and whip, choreographic tricks, polyphonic performance of famous Cossack songs, interaction with the audience through involvement in Cossack fun and dance.
Performance of famous Ukrainian songs in pure dialect, colorful national costumes, interactive dance numbers with guests of the holiday.
The grandeur of the birthday according to folk traditions, tasting of traditional Russian drink, the possibility of selecting your favorite repertoire.
The meeting of the newlyweds in the Russian style, the bride's ransom, the traditional rites of celebration and the spectacular performance of the ensemble at the wedding event.
Meeting a foreign delegation or guests of honor with bread and salt, traditional drinks. Performance of the most popular Russian songs accompanied by live folk instruments.
Spring meeting in Russian style. Organization of the holiday "turnkey",folk songs and fun, dances and games with colorful folk props, stage costumes decorated with natural furs.
Winter themed program, scenography of Christmas carols. Interactive theatrical performance with folk games, fun, dances.
Patriotic concert program for military events. Repertoire of Soviet films, front-line songs. The form of the Great Patriotic war.
What customers say about us

We are grateful to You

Veronica Platonova, presenter of events
By the nature of my work, I have to deal with artists quite often. And get a great result: great reviews and positive attitude of guests-it's a real gift!
Starting with a telephone conversation, flexible dialogue and ending with a rollicking cheerful performance. In this collective several genres were intertwined: worthy vocal, fine choreography, carrying out the competitive program. And of course I would like to note: the author's costumes, beautiful and expressive faces, always a good mood of the participants of the ensemble.It's nice that the guests are in a mad delight! I sincerely admire the talent of the artists of the ensemble "Lubo-Milo"!
Veronica Platonova, presenter of events
Valeria Chertok, the party planner
Dear colleagues! Very glad that of the many bands offered to me, I chose you!
The fact that I myself am a professional dancer and event organizer-it is much more complicated
search artists. I would like to Express my gratitude for your work , enthusiasm and punctuality.
Because it is not enough just to sing, you need to be able to sing with the soul and you have it perfectly
it turns out. This collective now takes part in all events organized by me: from family, corporate to city. Great repertoire, amazing voices and charisma! This the best the collective popular genre!
Valeria Chertok, the party planner
Anastasia Ivanchenko, TV viewer
Accidentally on the morning have included the first canal, program "Good morning" and saw
performance of this young, talented team. I wanted to be sure to find this ensemble on the Internet and that is a miracle, such a beautiful line-up of artists, real professionals who love their profession. Young, beautiful!
It is a great pleasure to watch your creativity. How many emotions,
temperament, how much enthusiasm, fun and how much life in YOU, you LOVE to look at, and NICE to listen to you. Such a beautiful name for the ensemble. We will continue to watch you!! We are waiting for more airings on television! THANK YOU FOR SUCH A BEAUTIFUL PERFORMANCE!
Anastasia Ivanchenko, TV viewer