Moscow Folk Ensemble
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The repertoire includes programs in the Russian style for events of all types
Solo concerts
Solo concerts
Mass holidays
Mass holidays
Welcome guests
Welcome guests
New year and Christmas
New year and Christmas
Corporate events
Corporate events
Military holidays
Military holidays
Exhibitions and presentations
Exhibitions and presentations
Opening objects
Opening objects
We will create a show program for any holiday
with the perfomance of songs, elements of professional choreography, tricks and interaction with the audience
Bright show for massive and private events. Russian songs with choreography, virtuoso instrumental numbers on the bayan and balalaika. Premium stage costumes (more than 10 sets).
Dynamic program, including spectacular flanking checkers and whip, choreographic tricks, polyphonic performance of famous Cossack songs, interaction with the audience through involvement in Cossack fun and dance.
Performance of famous Ukrainian songs in pure dialect, colorful national costumes, interactive dance numbers with guests of the holiday.
The grandeur of the birthday according to folk traditions, the presentation of a charm, the possibility of selecting your favorite repertoire.
The meeting of the newlyweds in the Russian style, the bride's ransom, the traditional rites of celebration and the spectacular performance of the ensemble at the wedding event.
Meeting a foreign delegation or guests of honor with bread and salt, traditional drinks. Performance of the most popular Russian songs accompanied by live folk instruments.
Winter themed program, scenography of Christmas carols. Interactive theatrical performance with folk games, fun, dances.
Spring meeting in Russian style. Organization of the holiday "turnkey", folk songs and fun, dances and games with colorful folk props, stage costumes decorated with natural furs.
Patriotic concert program for military events. Repertoire of Soviet films, front-line songs. The form of the Great Patriotic war.
Offer the best the version of the program
under your money
with your budget
without losing the quality of the show and the richness of the rooms
Our performances — are
The selected composition of the team of young,
beautiful and professional artists
same height and model appearance
High artistic level
performance skills and experience
work in the framework of the annual
foreign tours
More than 10 sets of bright
stage costume
premium-class programs.
topics, time of year and audience
The ability to change the composition of the team
and duration of the program,
based on your budget
Technical equipment (personal
microphones, remote and sound engineer)
guarantees high quality live sound
on any site
There is always a soundcheck before
events and arrival of guests,
comfortable sound setting,
familiarity with the scene and preparation
are prerequisites
Thanks and feedback from our customers and new friends
Veronika Platonova (Leading events)
Veronika Platonova
Leading events
By the nature of my work, I have to deal with artists quite often. And get a great result: great reviews and positive attitude of guests-it's a real gift!
Starting with a telephone conversation, flexible dialogue and ending with a rollicking cheerful performance. Guys well done! In this group intertwined several genres: decent vocals, beautiful choreography, holding a competitive program. And of course I would like to note: the author's costumes, beautiful and expressive faces, always a good mood of the participants of the ensemble. In General, they met all my expectations and hopes!!!
It's nice that the guests are in a mad delight!!!
I sincerely bow before the talent of the artists of the ensemble "Lubo-Milo" and special thanks to the charming, radiant Cossack, Director of the ensemble" Lubo-Milo " Ekaterina Brinchugova! Good luck to you guys and creative success!
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Valeria Chertok (The party planner)
Valeria Chertok
The party planner
Dear colleagues! Very glad that of the many bands offered to me, I chose you! The fact that I myself am a professional dancer and event organizer-this greatly complicated the search for artists. I would like to Express my gratitude for your work , enthusiasm and punctuality.
Because it is not enough just to sing, you need to be able to sing with the soul and you have it perfectly
receives. This collective now takes part in all events organized by me: from family, corporate to city. Great repertoire, amazing voices and charisma! This the best the collective popular genre! Recommend!
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Anastasiya Ivanchenko (Television viewer)
Anastasiya Ivanchenko
Television viewer
Accidentally on the morning have included the first canal, program "Good morning" and saw sensationally this young, talented of collective. I wanted to be sure to find this ensemble in the Internet and that's such a lovely line-up of artists, real professionals who love their profession. Young, beautiful! It is a great pleasure to watch your creativity. How many emotions, temperament, how much enthusiasm, fun and how much life in YOU, you LOVE to look at, and NICE to listen to you. Such a beautiful name for the ensemble. We will continue to watch you!! We are waiting for more airings on television! THANK YOU FOR SUCH A BEAUTIFUL PERFORMANCE!
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All reviews
Many years of experience performing for different audiences
on open mass platforms and stages
"Oi, pri luzhku""
"Kazaki v Berline"
"Vidu na ulitsu"
Other audios
Participants of numerous foreign tours and festivals around the world
  • Italy Italy
  • India India
  • Greece Greece
  • Morocco Morocco
  • Ireland Ireland
  • Serbia Serbia
  • Singapore Singapore
  • Montenegro Montenegro
  • Rome Rome

Amazing nature, friendly public, the atmosphere of complete comfort and satisfaction. Two solo concerts of the folk song Ensemble "Lubo-Milo" passed as if in one breath, and these 6 days passed as if in a moment. For the first time in the framework of the "Concert seasons in Merano" a folklore ensemble (Moscow) from Russia appeared before the public. Our performances were attended by compatriots, as well as many foreign tourists and of course hospitable Italians. The program of performances consisted of the performance of famous Russian folk and Cossack songs, which, of course, imbued the audience. Judging by the enthusiastic reviews of the audience, the Russian song did not leave anyone indifferent. I would like to Express my gratitude to the organizers of our tour. Many thanks to the host party, the Administration of the city of Merano, the Russian house. N. I. Borodina.

Our new year 2019 started with a tour to India. This is an extraordinary opportunity to please the local public Russian songs and experience the unique atmosphere of the country, and for Indians the arrival of a Russian folk ensemble (Moscow) became an important holiday. On January 11 and 12 we performed in new Delhi, the capital of India, and on January 13 we had a solo concert in Calcutta. The festive event at the Russian Embassy was attended by ambassadors of the CIS countries, as well as officials from different countries, invited guests. We were greeted and escorted by a storm of applause. The audience was very inspired by folk songs, dances, especially impressed flanking checkers. We continued our concert schedule and the next day we again pleased the Indian audience at the Russian center of folk culture. Again a full house. Ovations. Unbroken applause. The final concert was held in the concert hall of the oldest Golf club in Kolkata.

We managed to please the Greek audience twice: in 2017 and 2018. The ensemble "Lubo-Milo" performed on the island of Crete, in the cities of Agios Nikolaos and Elounda. The stage was located right on the shore of the Aegean sea. The solo concerts of the band were held at the highest level: polyphonic performance of folk songs, professional choreography, virtuoso instrumental compositions-all this did not leave the Greek audience indifferent. An unexpected musical gift for the audience was the performance of Sirtaki on the accordion. The audience, hearing their favorite melody, certainly began to dance their national dance. We thank the organizers of our wonderful tour and hope that soon we will again please the Greek public with Russian folk art.

The Central square of Marrakech, which seats more than 3,000 people. Among the spectators are the multinational people of Morocco, as well as foreign guests from around the world. Many countries took part in the concert program, and we performed Russian folk songs with great pride in the final. Let the whole world know ours! In addition, it was very nice to see Russian spectators who settled and live here. How proud we were when after our performance everyone loudly chanted: "Russia! Russia! Russia! Lubo! Milo! Milo! Lubo!» Thank you so much for the emotions and joy that you gave us! We do not find words to describe the whole palette of our feelings. I would like to thank all the organizers of the event. This trip for us is an invaluable creative experience and an opportunity to get acquainted with the amazing culture of the country in which we stayed.

Our tour in Ireland is a performance in the framework of the festival of Russian culture in Dublin. How wonderful that we can be in such different parts of the world on tour. Folk ensemble on Shrovetide in Dublin gave the audience a feeling of a real Russian holiday. In the performance of the band sounded well-known folk songs: "Kalinka", "peddlers", "Candy baranochki", "I'll Go out" and many others. At the end of the festival Ensemble "Lubo-Milo" organized folk games, dances and fun. It was fun and very exciting. We felt the warm welcome of the Irish and are sure that we will return to this country more than once to please the Irish audience with a Russian song. We sincerely thank the organizers of the wonderful festival of Russian culture in Dublin. Thank you for the warm welcome and bright impressions. These tours have left an indelible mark on our hearts.

It is a great responsibility and honor for our team to be in Serbia at the invitation of the Ministry of culture of Russia. Our performances were held in the Central library of Belgrade, as well as In the Russian school named after V. Tereshkova. These were very tender, cozy, warm meetings with hospitable Serbian spectators. Of course Russian song here know and like. We gave two recitals, consisting of Cossack and Russian folk songs. Famous "Katyusha", "Cossacks in Berlin", "Kalinka", "Valenki" and other songs were admired by the audience, and flanking checkers and choreographic accompaniment even more added joyful emotions. Unceasing applause, joy in the eyes of the audience, gratitude of the audience, encore-what we felt, the folklore ensemble Moscow, standing on the stage. Thank You, Brotherly Serbian People!

Through the Ministry of culture, we went on an eight-day trip to Singapore to represent our country at The Southeast Asian forum. Very honorable and at the same time very exciting! Our performances took place at two venues: Sota Concert Hall and the Singapore Botanic garden. We performed a solo Russian folk program, and we also prepared a joint creative number "Kalinka" with the collective "Nadi Singapore".
I would like to thank everyone who took part in the organization of the trip and the implementation of our performances at the best concert venues in Singapore. It was unforgettable! Thank you, Singapore audience, for the emotions and joy of creativity!

We are in Montenegro. A few years ago, our team, a Russian folk ensemble from Moscow, has already visited these places. Then we had several performances right on the shore of the azure sea. Now we have arrived at a place of unprecedented beauty. Our concert was held in two sections: Cossack and Russian folk themes. In the first part, we performed famous Cossack songs, attracted the attention of the audience with a Cossack dance, flanking with checkers and whips, interactive numbers and Cossack fun. Live polyphonic singing of the folk ensemble "Lyubo-Milo" (Moscow), virtuosic playing of folk instruments did not leave the audience indifferent. In the second part of our program, popular Russian folk songs were performed. All the guests of the festival were taken to Russian dances and streams. Well, the most unexpected musical gift was the performance of the Serbian folk song "Tamo daleko"by the band.
The folk song ensemble "Lyubo-Milo" performed at the event dedicated to the celebration of Maslenitsa in the Russian cultural center of science and art in Rome (Italy). On February 19, a solo concert of the capital's band took place, a concert that took place literally in one breath. It was heartfelt, warm, cozy and pleasant! Full house, standing ovation and applause. The Russian folk ensemble (Moscow) demonstrated the best examples of folk singing art, and also held a small interactive program with the audience after the main part of the concert: dancing, round dances, traditional games and fun. The folklore ensemble (Moscow) has become a real gift for compatriots and residents of the Italian capital. Thank you for the opportunity to give your creativity and enjoy your stay in Italy.
Awards and diplomas
Moscow Folk ensemble "Lubo-Milo"
The best program
at optimal prices
The earlier you leave a request for a speech
ensemble " Lubo-Milo”, the more profitable it will turn out
use the budget for the event in advance
reducing organizational costs
Organizational aspects and issues
How is the performance coordinated?
  1. Receiving an application for the performance of the ensemble at a holiday or event
  2. Consultation about advantages, price, program, all details of performance, repertoire
  3. Cost negotiation and provision of additional photos or videos
  4. The conclusion of the contract and pre-payment for performance (in cash,by Bank card or by Bank transfer SP)
  5. Speech at the event and after the final payment for services
How is the cost calculated?

The final price depends on some factors:

- duration of the presentation

- composition of the ensemble (number of artists involved, possible composition from 3 to 7 people)

- venue of the performance (remoteness of the event location from Moscow)

When organizing a performance of the folklore ensemble "Lubo-Milo" outside the Moscow ring road, additional transportation costs are paid.

Payment can be made both in cash with advance payment, and by Bank transfer (plus 10 % to the amount under the contract).

The cost of the performance of the ensemble includes a change of stage costumes (if necessary). And also the collective has available the microphones and the panel, and the personal sound engineer accompanies performance of ensemble. The price includes the selection of the favorite repertoire that the client wants to hear at his event.

Do you perform songs that are not in the main repertoire?

Yes, if time allows (the date of the holiday is far enough away), then we will gladly take new songs into our repertoire and perform them on your holiday. The price includes the selection of the favorite repertoire that the client wants to hear at his event.

Can you come to another city with a performance?

Personal cars are available for travel to events in other cities and regions. If the distance is too far and they need to travel to the performance in another region, the transport costs are calculated individually when agreeing on the contract. Payment and the issue of accommodation and food (if necessary) is also agreed by the rider before calculating the final cost of services.

Technical and household rider

Technical and household rider is provided by the team leader on request, as each event has different tasks and acoustic conditions.

If the site does not have technical equipment, the team can perform without scoring.

We are glad to cooperate with Event-agencies
and television channels!
Extensive experience allows us to offer quality art numbers
for television, mass and corporate events
During its history the ensemble
has become a participant of many television programs
and became a partner of well-known companies
In order to invite the folklore ensemble for the festival or holidays,
you can leave
request online or contact
contact phone number.
Address: Marshal Tukhachevsky street 20/2,
Moscow, Russia.
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